Fast-Drying Coating for Oil Field Equipment

Fast-dry Coating for Oilfield Equipment

Customer Need

A major oil & gas service provider needed a paint for their oil field equipment that would minimize downtime. VinTech's GuardX line of paint products provides the fast-drying capability that our client needs to repair their equipment with minimal downtime. GuardX coating provides the best protection from extreme weather and harsh industrial environments, so critical equipment can stay in the oil and gas fields longer, and produce more.

Superior Product Performance

Premium Halliburton Red W500H Enamel_Front

We conducted a 540 hours salt spray test on steel panels that resemble surfaces on our client's equipment

  • Easy setting, quick drying, and an attractive finish quality
  • Excellent corrosion and rust protection from salt and moisture
  • Easy application by spray, brushing or rolling

W500A red before exposure

GuardX-TechnicFMC case study-W500A red before exposure

After 540 hours of salt spray

GuardX-TechnicFMC case study-W500A after 540 hours of salt spray

Leading competitors paint after salt spray test

GuardX-TechnicFMC case study-Leading competitors paint after salt spray test
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