From fire-resistant fabric protection to fast-drying paints, VinTech offers an array of premium coatings that offer superior protection in harsh environments.

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With our GuardX line of products, VinTech offers durable paints and coatings that provide excellent adhesion and superior chemical resistance and protection from corrosion.

The nano-scale additives in our coatings ensure that surfaces subject to severe conditions remain protected and attractive for longer than competing coatings. Our customers depend on GuardX for increased service intervals, fast-drying application, and extended total equipment life.

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Corrosion Inhibitor

GUARDx Premium Corrosion Inhibitor


GUARDx Seat Pocket Coating

W500H Paint

GUARDx W500H Paint

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GUARDx QO500 Enamel

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With nGuard multi-functional textile finishes, we’ve created fabric protection that repels insects, water, and odors and protects against flames. A treatment with nGuard technology can add protection to textiles for performance where it matters: in harsh industrial environments, in military combat, and in hospitals.

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