TuffTek’s nanocomposite coatings

Tufftek's Nanocomposite Coatings

Customer Need

TuffTek's high-temperature and abrasion resistant nanocomposite coatings offer solutions for many machining applications. Customers depend on TuffTek's coatings to deliver longer tool life, enhanced finish quality, and faster machining speeds and feed rates.

Superior Product Performance

  • Reduction in turnaround costs and machine downtime, increasing efficiency
  • Sustainable manufacturing due to energy saving and improved results with dry machining
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TuffTek case study-Leading competitor result 1TuffTek case study-TuffTek result 1
TuffTek case study-Leading competitor result 2TuffTek case study-TuffTek result 2
Number of pieces per edge chart
4140 Pre-hardened steel with hardness up to 35 HRC; machining conditions: Vc=650 SFM, f=0.012IPR, ap=0.070”, with cutting fluid. Longitudinal cutting.
Parts per tip chart
Continuous Turning Powder Metals. At surface speed of 240~280 m/min, an feed rate of 0.12~0.18 mm/rev, TuffTek® outperformed benchmark inserts by more than 170%
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