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TuffTek's specialized nanocomposite coatings improve performance in material removal applications.

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TuffTek® is a nano-engineered surface technology product platform with combinatorial chemistry. It includes nanocomposite coatings (cubic boron nitride-based), nanostructured multiple-layered coatings, and a family of unique thin coatings.

The nanocomposite and nanostructured multiple-layered coatings are typically deposited at relatively high temperature, and mainly applied to carbide and certain ceramic substrates. The uniquely configured thin coatings are normally deposited at a relatively low temperature and can be deposited on a variety of substrates or components including carbides and most steels.

TuffTek® surface engineering offers high hardness and toughness, thermal resistance, and low coefficient of friction, depending upon the applications. It has been widely used for machining all kinds of materials from steels, irons, heat resistant alloys, to woods. TuffTek® helps to extend tool life or component service life, reduce machine down time, and improve productivity.

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