Metal Fabricating

Metal Fabricating

Our lubricants and coatings are formulated with nano-engineered additives to deliver the most advanced protection from friction, wear, and heat available. The nano-additives we develop are designed to create surface interactions that keep lubricants and coatings firmly adhered to surfaces, significantly reducing metal-to-metal contact that can lead to equipment damage and failure.

The ability of our lubricants to stay on surfaces, even under extreme temperatures and pressures means that the lubricant is more effective at reducing friction, allowing equipment to last much longer for increased output. This also allows for longer lubrication life, requiring fewer lubrication intervals and lower total cost of lubrication.

Our paints provide an ultra-durable and attractive finish on finished parts, and our protective coatings can keep metals free from scratches, dings, and rust during storage and transport.

Ask about working with us to develop a customized lubrication system for your unique application.

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Heavy Duty Anti-Seize Paste

AtomLube Non-Metallic Heavy Duty Anti-Seize Paste

Q0500 featured

GUARDx QO500 Enamel

Corrosion Inhibitor

GUARDx Premium Corrosion Inhibitor

Heavy Duty Anti-Seize Paste

AtomLube Copper Heavy Duty Anti-Seize Paste


AtomLube Ultra Dielectric Grease

Plunger Lube Full

AtomOil Advanced Plunger Lubricant

All Purpose Grease

AtomLube All Purpose Grease

W500H Paint

GUARDx W500H Paint

WayLube Full

AtomOil Advanced Way Lubricant


AtomOil Extreme Pressure Gear Oil